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  • 2 months ago
    Center for Advanced Dental Education, Dreiling-Marshall Hall. I t was a planing mill in a previous life.
    I was with Dr. Pete Sotiropulos when Fr. Biandi gave the OK to start the Dreiling Marshall Hall.

  • egmo (Private)
    13 years ago
    Enjoying the smoked meats for Rob's birthday
    nice pictures WOB

    must have been taken with one of those priceless CANONS
  • Marie Kerr (Private)
    14 years ago
    Mystic Pizza, the pizza that made the movie famous
    So, how was the Pizza? Did it taste different from other Pizzas? Supposedly, (in the movie) there's a secret ingredient in Mystic Pizza.
  • Marie Kerr (Private)
    14 years ago
    Horseshoe Falls closer
    Rob, those are the American Falls (#17 of 35). You can tell becuase of all of the rocks in the water about half-way down. The Horseshoe falls come straight down into a pool. In fact, the cascade to the right of that rock outcrop (with all of the people standing on top of the observation deck) is referred to as the bridal veil falls.
  • Bill Cassely (Private)
    14 years ago
    Enjoying the smoked meats for Rob's birthday
    There's a caterpillar on your chin.
  • Herb (Private)
    14 years ago
    Kerry holds the basket we made as a family
    Rob, I finally got my phone back Monday evening. So who is that guy, an employee of Longerberger or someone taggng along? Tell Kerry I love her t-shirt with the cat on it!
  • Mike Gawlak (Private)
    14 years 1 month ago
    Maiden voyage of our TREK 201 Trailer Bike
    looks great - she seems pretty happy - Can dad keep up ?