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  • peter (Private)
    9 years 1 month ago
    It almost looks Aussie: )


    We're reaching a point here with the deer being so numerous that these bumpers have become necessary. I've hit 3 deer with this one now with no damage. :-) We have about 25 trucks outfitted with these. This one is made by Ali-Arc but we have one made by Herd and the model name is Super Road Train. :-)

    Tom S.
  • Mike (Private)
    9 years 4 months ago
    You need dual stacks, air cleaner lights, and bumper lights ;)


    It's a company truck, I can't do any of that.

  • Ed P. (Private)
    10 years ago
    1986 McLaren
    A super car, love everything about it.
  • tonia (Private)
    11 years 11 months ago
    the name of the truck you call lizard is actually called dragon master. it is owned by dale and connie ison. they live in hilsboro, ohio. how i know all of this , is that it is my fave truck and i also wrote them and they sent an autographed pic to me.
  • Larry Dixon (Private)
    12 years 2 months ago
    Sandy Silver
    Sandy very pretty both of them, I understand you know it though. Enjoy them to the fullest they are really nice. larry d