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  • Yesterday
    I remember the car from the 70s. who owns the car today and how close are they to showing it. thanks. I enjoy your interest!
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    4 years 10 months ago
    This car was painted silver/grey . It was later owned by Foxie Elder whoowned the famous Black Magic 50 Merc convert fron Lancaster Pnn in the 50s!
    • al gerhard jr. (Private)
      1 year 7 months ago
      My dad knew this car well,also knew many of the vagabonds if you have any questions about its early history contact me
      • (Anonymously) (Private)
        4 days ago
        What was the history behind this car
      • 1 year 1 month ago
        I was a Vagabond member in 1957-1959 and remember Black Magic very well.   Recently I saw the original Black Magic on a TV show sitting in a warehouse in Las Vegas.  It was enough to make you cry. No top, mostly primer, no interior.    What a sad state for an award winning convertible.  I also remember a few of the other Vagabond cars.  Tom Harnish's CopperHead 55 chevy,  Ross Gilberts 55 Chev convertible, I believe it was called "Sour Grapes".    Donnie Elemaker (I'm not sure I spelled his name correctly had a beautiful 53 ford Victoria with a nail head Buick engine.   I drove a stock 55 tbird and one of the few fuel injected 1958 Impala's.The last I new, the Vagbonds were still in operation and had their 50th anniversary meeting a few years ago.Dick Maglocklin (again perhaps not the correct spelling) was one of the organizers along with some of the others that I remember including , Cleat Groff who designed the Vagbonds Plaque.  I remember having great times with the Vagabonds and many nights at the little Pig Dinner.Doug Polkosky   mailto:   407-888-2388 
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    13 days ago
    P1010109 55 Ford
    This is a 1955 Ford
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    22 days ago
    buick 55 david marrero
    Great looking car what colour is that
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    23 days ago
    Hi John - so nice to hear fr you !
    Here's a dashing 1949 Packard, Custom Coschwork, 'Von Rudolph' Rumble Seat Roadster now setting in my PSprings Driveway. Quality Car! Elderly Client must sell. Plan on entering it in Mecum Monterey.

    Exciting to hear about the Keck-Day V16 Aerodynamic Coupe.
    Worth its weight in Gold ! Probably the single most valuable 34-37 V-16 Cadillac. .
    How's Body Wood? Heavy Doors subject to sag - Has R & L Sidedraft Carbs. Everett Adams is best man to service / Flush Engine - Hyd Brakes - hopefully bring to good Driving Condition. Beauty - started the Fastback Trend of 1930s - 40s

    Hemmings Blog recently mentioned it - showed the orig Chicago 'Worlds Fair' Car body being built. I'll send separately !
    Best, RD
  • Walt leeman (Private)
    9 years 6 months ago
    I chopped my 53 hard top 3 1/2 inches and mad a new rear window out of Lexan and it worked out fine. I drove the car for 13 years and it looked as good after that time as it did when I first installed it.
    • (Anonymously) (Private)
      27 days ago
      i think i own this car now its in new zealand 
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    28 days ago
    Like this car
  • Dan (Private)
    28 days ago
    I would like to thank the owner of this Mercury for keeping the car as I and friends who built it to be enjoyed and showed in many shows.
  • Ron (Private)
    1 month ago
    Love what you did with this 46, really, really nice!  Wish it was affordable.
  • Kiwi Bel Air (Private)
    1 month ago
    Further to my other comments about this not being a 49 Chevy. The dash, rear guards, and taillights are all 51 Chevy.
    While I appreciate that the whole tail end is pieced together the 49 guards have more of a teadrop shape and would almost match the buick hood .

    Cheers Kiwi

  • Bel Air Kiwi (Private)
    1 month ago
    p143918 image large
    If this is a 49 Chevy, how come the front clip and firewall are Pontiac. The Chevy no matter where in the world its made is shorter between the rear of the wheel opening and the door by about six inches. The Chevy has no swage from the headlight back. The chevy front wheel openings are flat topped not round, only Olds and Pontiac had that. Also the Chevy bumper doesn't match the front valance, and that slam panel is unique to the Pontiac. 

    Cheers Kiwi
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    1 month ago
    40Ford pheaton
    Rik, do you have any other pictures of this car?  or info?  I have info on owener in 1961 in sacramento.  Bill Moser
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    1 month ago
    Rik, good morning, the 40 ford phaeton, #16 on 40 ford custom car folder, would you have any other pictures or info?  i have info who owened car in about 1961 in sacramento     Bill Moser
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    1 month ago
    Last time I heard of him he was located in Lime Rock, CT.  He used to chase me & my bike off the property, he thought I might scratch one of the cars.   ~   John Buchtenkirch
  • Paul (Private)
    1 month ago
    Buick-1959 Darryl Starbird.jpg
    When I was in high school in the 1960's, I would see this car on the street in Wichita. I think it was Darryl Starbird' s daily driver, and I thought it was the most beautiful car in the world.